Lago Vista Women's Club, Inc.
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SECTION 1. Membership in the Lago Vista Women’s Club shall be open to women who are residents of the Lago Vista area. The number of members shall not exceed three hundred fifty. When a membership is available, an applicant shall be accepted upon receipt of a written application and payment of dues to the 5th Vice President for Membership.
SECTION 2. It shall be the duty of all members to be interested in the affairs of the Club and to be willing to serve as an officer, coordinator or committee member.
SECTION 3. Membership shall consist of three types: charter, active, and honorary. All who joined the club prior to the adoption of the original Constitution and By-Laws shall be known as charter members. Charter members shall be Life Members with a fixed dues structure of $12.00.  
SECTION 4. Honorary memberships may be conferred upon some for valuable services. They are exempt from dues but liable for all fees associated with Club activities. Honorary members may not hold office.


SECTION 1. This organization shall [unless otherwise ordered by the Board] meet formally on the second Tuesday of each month from September through May. Informal meetings may be held in June, July, and August.
SECTION 2. The May meeting shall be the annual meeting. The new club year shall begin with the formal installation of new officers. The names of Group Coordinators shall be announced at this meeting.
SECTION 3. Meetings from September through May shall be social events, including a planned program when appropriate.
SECTION 4. Twenty percent of the members shall constitute a quorum.
SECTION 5. Dates of meetings may be changed in case of conflict or inclement weather.
SECTION 6. Reservations for the regular monthly luncheon meeting must be made with the 2nd Vice President or one of her Telephone committee by the first Tuesday of the month. A request for special meal due to a medical condition must be made with the 2nd Vice President by the 5:00 p.m. Wednesday deadline prior to the Tuesday luncheon. Cancellation of luncheon reservations must be made with the 2nd Vice President by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior to the Tuesday luncheon.


SECTION 1. Members shall pay yearly dues for the next fiscal year only. The amount shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and voted upon by the general membership prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. New members, joining after February 1st, will pay half of the yearly dues. Applicants joining at the May meeting would pay dues for the new fiscal year only and would be considered members of the new fiscal year.
SECTION 2. Dues for each fiscal year are payable in advance, by members only, at the March, April, or May meetings. Dues not paid by June 15th will be considered delinquent. Memberships delinquent on June 15th will become available to persons on the waiting list.
SECTION 3. Unless there is a timely cancellation, the treasurer shall send an invoice to the member within one week if the member makes a reservation but does not attend a luncheon. A check for the proper amount, payable to the Lago Vista Women’s Club, shall be mailed to the Treasurer, P.O. Box 4501, within ten days. Reservations for other club events will not be accepted until such moneys are paid.
SECTION 4. Ten dollars of each member’s yearly dues shall be allotted to Club philanthropy. The remainder shall be used for Club operations. When dues are paid after February 1, the philanthropy allocation shall be five dollars. 


SECTION 1. The officers of this organization shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Fourth Vice President, Fifth Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.
SECTION 2. Election of officers shall be held at the April meeting.
SECTION 3. A Nominating Committee shall be composed of five members. Two shall be appointed from the Executive Board by the President. One of these shall act as Chairperson. Three shall be elected from the general membership at the January meeting.
SECTION 4. The Nominating Committee, at the April meeting, shall submit a nominee for each of the following offices: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, 4th Vice President, 5th Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. The incoming President shall appoint members to the offices of Parliamentarian and Chaplain.
SECTION 5. Should there be more than one nomination for an office, voting shall be by ballot.
SECTION 6. Officers shall be elected for one year and may succeed themselves for one year only. Their terms of office shall begin immediately following their installation at the May meeting with the exception of the Treasurer whose term shall coincide with the club fiscal year (June 1 - May 31).
SECTION 7. Should a vacancy in any office occur, the President, with the approval of the Board, may appoint a member to fill the office for the remainder of the fiscal year.


SECTION 1. All elected officers, the Parliamentarian, and the Chaplain, both appointed by the President, shall be members and comprise the total membership of the Executive Board.
SECTION 2. The Executive Board is entrusted with all administrative authority over the affairs of the Club and shall be empowered to transact all essential business. Executive Board meetings are held at the discretion of the President.
SECTION 3. Each Executive Board member shall have one vote.
SECTION 4. Six members shall constitute a quorum.
SECTION 5. The Executive Board shall meet in May of each year for the submission of financial and other reports required due to the club’s status as a corporation. The newly elected officers shall be confirmed as Directors of the Corporation.


SECTION 1. The Executive Board, Chairpersons of Standing Committees, and two At-Large Committee members shall comprise the Executive Committee.
SECTION 2. The President shall appoint the two "Members At-Large" representing special interest groups for the Executive Committee from the general membership. At-Large members may succeed themselves for one year only.
SECTION 3. The Executive Committee shall meet monthly prior to each formal meeting of the Club.
SECTION 4. Each Executive Committee member shall have one vote.
SECTION 5. Fifty percent of Executive Committee members shall be present to conduct business.
SECTION 6. Special projects shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.
SECTION 7. The Executive Committee shall make the final decisions as to how moneys will be used.
SECTION 8. Conducting Executive Committee Business by Electronic Device.
a. The Lago Vista Women’s Club President is permitted to conduct business by electronic device when she determines that the business is of such an urgent nature that it requires immediate attention prior to the next regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting.
b. The President shall present action to be approved in the form of a motion and send this motion to each member of the Executive Committee by electronic device. Any member not able to receive e-mails shall receive the information by personal contact.

(1) The President shall require confirmation of receipt of the material to be voted upon. An explanation of the circumstances regarding why the matter cannot wait must accompany the motion. The e-mail shall contain the motion, the name of the person making it, the debate period, and the date and time the ballot must be returned. The time period may vary from situation to situation depending on the urgency of the situation.
(2) Debate shall consist of comments (either positive or negative) made by electronic e-mail sent to all members of the Executive Committee and must be sent prior to the end of the specified debate period.
(3) A majority vote shall be required to adopt a motion. The President shall immediately declare the result of the vote to all members of the Executive Committee by electronic device. She shall also send a comprehensive report to the Secretary so that the vote can be recorded in the minutes of the next regularly scheduled meeting.
(4) The report to the Secretary shall contain: the motion, dates of debate and voting, the names of each member receiving the electronic motion and their vote, and the final result. The roll call of the voting will be available from the Secretary upon request by any Executive Committee member.


SECTION 1. The primary duty of all officers shall be to attend all meetings of the Executive Board, Executive Committee and General Membership. At the April meeting a complete report of the duties of their offices as fulfilled will be presented to the President with a copy for the Secretary. These records, recommendations, and complete job descriptions shall be passed on to the new officers by the new President.
SECTION 2. The president shall preside at all formal meetings of the Club, conducting them by a formal order of business. She shall call and preside at all meetings of the Executive Board, the Executive Committee, and any special meetings as needed. The President shall have the authority, with the approval of the Executive Board, to replace any officer who fails to perform her duties. She shall sign all checks with the Treasurer, appoint standing and special committee chairpersons and perform other such duties as usually pertain to this office. She shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. Any and all of her duties shall be performed by the Vice Presidents in their order when necessary.
SECTION 3. The First Vice President shall be the Chairperson of the Program Committee. She shall have freedom of selection in the fields of art, music, literature, and other suitable sources while ensuring that all programs are of a non-commercial nature and are non-political. She shall consult with the President before finalizing programs for the year.
SECTION 4. The Second Vice President shall be Chairperson of the Social Committee. This Committee shall consist of members chosen by her from the General Membership. She shall present a monthly report at the Executive Committee meetings.
SECTION 5. The Third Vice President shall be the Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee. It shall be the duty of this Committee to propose money-making projects and, after approval by the Executive Committee, to implement such projects.
SECTION 6. The Fourth Vice President shall be responsible for publicity and articles for general membership, monthly meetings, and any other publicity requests of the Executive Committee.
SECTION 7. The Fifth Vice President shall be Chairperson of the Membership Committee. This committee shall collect membership dues, provide applications for prospective members, notify new members of their acceptance into the Club, and organize a coffee for new members.
SECTION 8. The Secretary shall keep a correct record of all meetings of the Club, the Executive Board, and the Executive Committee, which shall be entered in a book of minutes. She shall keep the record of the important documents. She shall keep all officers’ and committee reports on file. The minutes and reports shall be made available to members upon request. She shall keep the official membership roll and have on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members. She shall attend to all Club correspondence which is not the special function of committees or groups.
SECTION 9. The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all dues of members and other moneys of the Club, maintain a bank account for these moneys, and disburse them as directed by the Executive Committee. All checks shall be signed by both the Treasurer and the President. The Treasurer shall keep a current account of all moneys received and disbursed by her, which account shall be available to any member at any regular meeting. She shall render an itemized written report at the general meeting in September and May and present a proposed budget to the membership in September suggesting adjustments as needed. She shall submit records to the Audit Committee by June 15 annually. She shall file a franchise tax report by May 15 annually. She shall file a report with the Texas Secretary of State by February 1 of every fourth year beginning in 2012. She shall ensure that all appropriate filings to the IRS are accomplished by the fifteenth of October annually. If these requirements change or new ones are enacted, those assignments will be added to the treasurer’s duties.
SECTION 10. The Historian shall keep all newspaper clippings, printed programs, and other notices pertaining to Club activities. She shall also prepare a narrative [and pictorial when feasible] account of the Club’s activities during her term of office. This account becomes a permanent part of the Club’s official history.


SECTION 1. Special Activity Groups of the Club may be formed which promote the mission. Each group shall have a minimum of ten members. New groups must be approved by the Executive Committee and comply with the Club mission: To promote the interest of the individual woman by stimulating her talents, enlarging her resources, enhancing her social activities, and providing opportunity for participation in community projects.
SECTION 2. Each group shall elect a coordinator for the following year prior to the May meeting.


SECTION 1. Standing Committees appointed by the President shall be Financial Review, Chamber of Commerce Liaison, By – Laws Review, Scholarship, Yearbook, Lago Vista Independent School District Liaison, Newsletter Coordinator, and At-Large Members. Standing Committee Chairpersons shall meet with the President regarding committee responsibilities and attend all meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Membership. The Parliamentarian and Chaplain shall meet with the President regarding responsibilities and will attend all meetings of the Executive Board, Executive Committee, and General Membership.
SECTION 2. The Yearbook Chairperson shall compile the yearbook using the established format. The yearbook shall be presented to the members in September. An updated page(s) shall be presented in February. Final cost shall be determined by the Yearbook Chairperson, Treasurer, and the President.
SECTION 3. The Chairperson of the By–Laws Review Committee shall present the committee’s recommendations for change at a meeting of the Executive Committee no later than February.
SECTION 4. The Financial Review Committee shall include at least one former Treasurer of the Lago Vista Women’s Club. The Committee shall perform a financial review of the organization’s books during the June 15 to August 1 time period and present a report at the September meeting of the Executive Committee.
SECTION 5. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and three members. Members are appointed by the President and serve for three [3] years with one new member appointed each year. The Committee shall administer the LVWC Annual Academic and Annual Achievement Scholarships, the Annual Girls State Award, and any special scholarship/academic funds that may be awarded by the Club. The Committee may also consider a Vocational Education Scholarship for a student and/or an adult, based on need and available funds. The scholarships shall be administered as outlined in Scholarship Selection Guidelines by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Selection Committee shall be composed of the Scholarship Committee and the LVWC President and Treasurer. Revisions of all Committee procedures shall be prepared by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.
SECTION 6. The Coordinators of Special Interest Groups, represented by the two At-Large Members, shall organize and arrange all meetings of their groups. By the specified deadline of May 1, the Coordinators shall turn in the names of the Coordinators for the new fiscal year, to be announced at the May meeting. The Coordinators shall turn in to the President and to the Yearbook Chairperson a list of group members and a schedule of their activities for the coming year no later than July 1. All Coordinators shall present to the President, Secretary, and the Historian a complete report of the duties of their office as fulfilled by April 1. Those records will be passed on to the new Coordinators by the President.
SECTION 7. The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for advising the organization concerning parliamentary procedures based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. A past president should serve as Parliamentarian, if possible.
SECTION 8. The Chaplain shall give the invocations and benedictions where such prayers are offered at meetings and other events.
SECTION 9. The Webmaster shall maintain the L.V.W.C. website, post relevant pictures of club activities and convey club information. She shall maintain a protected list of members’ e-mail addresses, with their consent.
SECTION 10. The two At-Large Executive Committee members shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and represent the general membership and Special Interest Groups.
SECTION 11. The Newsletter Coordinator shall compose and produce a monthly newsletter, containing club activities, news and community opportunities to the membership. She shall maintain a protected list of members' email addresses, with their consent.
SECTION 12. The LVISD Representative shall supervise the use of the Pat Valz funds with the LVISD, alternating between 4th grade and 6th grade students. If needed, she shall coordinate the establishment of dates with the Austin Symphony and LVISD. She shall confirm that funds are available for the American Legion's Girls State, paid through the high school counselor, and shall assist in selection process. She shall represent LVWC with the school district as necessary and including the collection of box tops coupons for elementary school projects. She shall be open to suggest other ways Lago Vista Women's Club can be of service to LVISD.


The official symbols of this organization shall be a single yellow rose and/or yellow ribbon. They may be displayed in concert or separately upon any suitable occasion.


Any member may propose amendments to these by-laws. All proposed changes must be submitted to the Executive Committee. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, the amendments may be voted on at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, the proposed changes having been read or distributed at the previous meeting.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the authority for this Club, insofar as it does not conflict with the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws of the Club.


Do you [name] accept the office of [office] of the Lago Vista Women’s Club with a full understanding of the responsibilities and duties thereof?
I do.
Do you promise to faithfully discharge your duties according to the By-Laws and the policies of the Lago Vista Women’s Club to the best of your abilities, so help you God?
I do.