Lago Vista Women's Club, Inc.
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   It was February 23, and the year was 1978. Sixty-seven women gathered at Bar K Ranch House for a potluck dinner. The minutes make no mention of what was served! But a temporary slate of officers were placed into their jobs, and dues were set at $10. As an aside, dues have only been raised twice in the 25 years of Women’s Club; once to $12 to cover the cost of the yearbooks, in 1980, and again in 1999, to $15! (Note: Dues in 2010 are now $25).
  A Constitutional Committee was established, and sign-up sheets for each of the eight Sections were circulated. They decided that all members who had paid their dues by the time the Constitution was accepted would be considered Charter members. By May 1978, there were 105 members! 
  The eight sections are: Volunteer with Lottie Rogers, coordinator; Literature, Liz Johnson, coordinator; Government, Ann Murrow, coordinator; Let’s Eat Out, Jean Bailey, coordinator; Tours, Roxy Young and Jean Edwards, coordinators; conversational Bridge, Merna Andersen and Dorothy Wilcoxson, coordinators. Arts and Crafts was the final option and it was headed by Sylvia Denton. The Culture group lacked a coordinator. I am pleased to announce that 18 of the original charter members are still members today, September 9, 2003, twenty-five years later! This is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations to all of you. You have and are serving your community well, and continue to exhibit the motto of LVWC. Thank you for your foresight!
  During the first year of existence the Lago Vista Women’s Club had four money-makers! They had a dinner dance in October of 1978, making some profit for their planned philanthropic works. And then in December of 1978, they sponsored the first Home Tour, selling tickets to see special homes. These two profit makers were followed by a raffle of $500 CD and members were required to sell tickets! 
  Now you may think that they were done with raising money! Not on your life! One more event was held in the spring of 1979, and that was a Charity Dinner Show. We too continue their ideas of philanthropy, and we will sponsor a spring event, our Gala on March 6, 2004. Tickets go on sale in January!
  For your interest, the first year of our Women’s Club had a nominating committee made up just like ours! Two from the current Board, and three from the general membership. The two from the Board were Marguerite Dews and Merna Andersen. Who the three from the membership were I have no idea! The minutes do not say!

 Written by Annette Stokes and Pam Hammonds, our first Web Designers, in 2003 (Annette was also President that year)


The Lago Vista Women’s Club has been in existence for thirty-five years, May 2014. In 1990, it was decided to begin what has become a tradition – the scholarship program for local high school women graduates. In the belief that women are important to the future, we have provided money for education ever since. Applications are open to any female student who is enrolled her entire senior year at Lago Vista High School. Candidates must be enrolling as a full time student (12 hours or more) in a two or four year program that will culminate in the awarding of an associate, technical, or baccalaureate degree.

The Scholarship Committee, set through our By-Laws, has a rigorous program to assess the best winners. There are four members of the committee, who serve a three year term, and the current President and current Treasurer complete the Selection Committee.

It is through a point system that the committee assesses to find the winners. There are four categories, all of which are equal in importance. Points are awarded for Academic Accomplishment (SAT scores, daily grades), Participation (school and community activities), Essay, and Personal Interview.

The applicants write an essay detailing their goals, and why their plans will benefit society. It is the Women’s Club belief that the ability to communicate through written language is one of the most essential elements for success in any field. Again, points are given, according to common rules of grammar and expression.

The final state of the application includes a personal interview with the whole scholarship selection committee.

From our first year of awards, 1990 to 2014, our Women’s Club has given 142 women from Lago Vista High School financial assistance in their endeavors to educate themselves. We have contributed to the making of doctors, teachers, personal trainers, nurses, clergy, actors, coaches and many educated citizens.

The Women's Club has given $210,188 to scholarships and community organizations. Not only does this organization support the community with scholarships but they also provide assistance to area organizations which make Lago Vista the caring and beautiful community it is. Money raised here stays here.

Margaret Grange Bridge Group of the LVWC

Since the legend of Margaret Grange sinks farther into the distant past (is this a "type" of bridge? a real person? local?), and newer members just don't have a clue, we decided to do some research while it was still possible. Turns out, she was a real Lago Vistan, according to Carole M. Carole's mother was a founder of the Party Bridge Group now known as Margaret Grange Bridge, and she says that Margaret was married to Ralph Grange back in the early days of Lago and would most likely be in her early 90s in 2011 had she lived. Margaret was an avid bridge player of fun, Party Bridge (where one might be able to stop a game to ask a question without fear of being fired upon). When Margaret died, Ralph lovingly gave the group a gift (possibly a sum of money for more cards and snacks?) and requested that the Party Group be named Margaret Grange Bridge - actually “Margaret Grange Bridge Group of the LVWC", our founder Ann Murrow recalls, (but we do not have enough patience or pixels to type out that name every time). We had further information that Margaret simply loved to play and furnished the supplies years ago. We have a few remaining sources with whom to check, but for now, anyone mystified by the name Margaret Grange will have at least a glimmer of her, LVWC's, and Lago Vista's history. 

LVWC Past Presidents

We know for a fact that several of these Past Presidents served several 2 year terms, but we do not know for sure the exact progression of things. Also, in 2010 it was decided not to use last names on the internet, which makes listing them seem rather pointless. However, if you are curious, you can find their names in the Minutes and History filed by the Officers and stored at the Lago Vista Library. Here are the Past Presidents: Ann M, Fran A, Smitty G, Nelda M, Louise H, Kay B, Pat M, Jean A, Ginger H, Louise F, Pat V, Joy G, Madelyn N, Mary Ann C, Annette S, Ginger H, Peggy G, Annette S., Sheryl S., Jan P. C.