Lago Vista Women's Club, Inc.
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1. All meetings are open to the membership.
2. Cards will be sent to members or their spouses in case of a death in the immediate family. 
3. Announcements shall be limited to those pertaining to the Lago Vista Women’s Club, its business or social activities and to matters of civic interest. No commercial, political or personal announcements (e.g. illness or death) may be made.
4. Residents of the Lago Vista area may attend regular meetings as a guest only one time. The word “resident” is interpreted as one who resides within the Lago Vista area at least three months of the year. Nonresident house guests of members may have unlimited attendance at luncheons and activities of the LVWC.
5. Only members of the Lago Vista Women’s Club in good standing may attend functions of a coordinating group. At the discretion of the coordinators, rare exceptions may occur. Persons on the waiting list may participate as non-members while awaiting Club membership.
6. Standing Rules may be amended at any regular meeting of the Executive Committee by a two-thirds majority of those present.
7.  Published addresses and phone numbers of Club members may only be used for communication on Club topics or personal communication between friends. Directory information may not be given to, or sold to, anyone outside the Club.
​8.  Cancellation Policy:  Monies paid for sanctioned activities of Lago Vista Women's Club are considered confirmed reservations and are non-refundable unless provision is made for canellation prior to stated deadlines.
Duties and Responsibilities
Officers and Members - Month by Month 
September: Budget, Yearbook – finalized & presented Audit report at the September Executive Committee.
October: Possible presentation of Girl’s State representative. New members’ coffee, recognizing each new member. Officers to be present.
November: Possible presentation of check for Pat Valz fund to school by club liaison.
December: Christmas decorations at K-Oaks.
January: Usual time for Gala. Any change in by-laws presented to Executive Committee. Changes presented to membership at this meeting. Nominating Committee elected at General Meeting. Scholarship Committee begins duties in earnest.
February: By-laws changes voted on by membership. 2/3 of those present must approve the changes. Scholarship tea held at high school. Consideration of entertainment and auctioneer for next year Gala.
March: Collection of dues for coming year can begin. Scholarship Committee at work. President appoints Philanthropic Committee.
April: Report from each officer presented to President and copy to Secretary. Collection of dues continues. Scholarships and other philanthropic giving approved by Executive Committee. Approval of new Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinators.  Names of group participants due by May 1st to Club president. Nominating Committee submits nominees for officer positions at Executive Committee meeting. Election of officers at general meeting. SIG Coordinators present reports to President.
May: Final collection of dues. Presentation of scholarship winners & other philanthropic recipients at general meeting. Final itemized summary of treasury to Executive Committee & General Membership. Historian’s report on view at general membership meeting. Installation of new officers. Introduction of new Activity Group coordinators at May meeting.
June, July, August: June 30: President requests Gala data. Yearbook updated and printed. Dates for use of POA buildings formally requested. Standing Committees appointed by President. Parliamentarian and Chaplain appointed by President. A minimum of one Executive Committee meeting should be held. Budget proposal drafted by the Treasurer and President. Contract with new  caterer established by the 2nd Vice President and President. Collection of dues continues. Officers begin to implement their respective duties, establish committees for assistance. President supplies list of SIG members and meeting locations to the POA. Financial review takes place. Texas tax and exemption paper sent by August deadline.