Lago Vista Women's Club 

Luncheons are $15.00 on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May. Reservations can be made through our online-email system or via a Personal Caller. Payment accepted on the day of luncheon. REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR NAME TAG!

PERSONAL CALLERS:  Carolyn J.  Christy O.  Arlene F. Kathleen J.  Janet C.  Tammy S. 

HOSTESS LIST:  SEPT. Arlene F. ,Sylvia V. ,Annette S.OCT. Gina W., Sheryl S.,  Mary S. NOV. Arlene F., Paula R., Ethel R. DEC. Fostelene H., Viola P.

​ JAN Gina W.,  Arlene F., Linda B. FEB. Arlene F., Ellen S., Sally V. MAR. Jane R., Conrad B.,  Beatrice R. APR. Melony K., Jinny G., Fostelene H.

MAY Sylvia V., Vicki P. ​
Reserve your seat!  ​​

October Menu – Monster Bash!

Secret Garden Salad-Mixed Greens with Seasonal Vegetables and Two Homemade Dressings
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Meatloaf- Homemade Beef Meatloaf with our Killer Tomato Gravy
Goblin Green Beans-Green Beans Tossed in Herbs and Olive Oil
Monster Mashed Potatoes- Mashed Potatoes with a hint of Garlic and Herbs

Bread and Butter

Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Bars-Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting
  1. September 12
    September 12
    Women in the Science of Weather Chikage Windler from KEYE, CBS Austin will address us on her career and the science that predicts the weather.
  2. October 10
    October 10
    Our Disappearing Bees. What Will We Do Without Them? "Wizzie" Brown, BCE, from the Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service
  3. November 14
    November 14
    What Makes Austin What it is Today? AAS writer Mike Barnes , with Jeff Cohen and Lori Doran of the History Center.
  4. December 12
    December 12
    Our Holiday Luncheon is chock full of surprises. Have you been naughty or nice?
  5. January 9
    Viewpoint-Eve Zou, a native of China and a Military wife & mother will share the contrasts of life here and abroad.
  6. February 13
    February 13
    Lisa Talbot, Digital Archivist and Nikki Dillar, Museum Registar will show how to reach deep into the vaults of history.
  7. March 13
    March 13
    Springtime Fashion Show! Style Show from “Soft Surroundings” : A lovely shop in the Arboretum with a great Spring line of clothing. Presented by Eve and Jean. Enjoy!
  8. April 11
    April 11
    TEEN SUICIDE & MENTAL HEALTH-Tonja Batt & Marisa Aguilar, Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, with Jessica Miller, M.A., Program Director of NAMI will address support and programs available in Austin.
  9. May 9
    May 9
    Annual Scholarship Luncheon- We celebrate & distribute scholarships to our local Senior girls, and funds to local Philanthropic organizations. Club officers for 2017-18 will be installed.