2020 Gala Event

Coming Soon, 2020 Gala!

 2019 Gala- An Evening in Venice was filled with excitement!  Our guests were greeted by four lovely, smiling gondoliers, and the socializing began. K Oaks was transformed into an elegantly beautiful vision, complete with a gondola in a Venetian canal surrounded by a night sky of twinkling stars, and exquisite table settings along with touches of Venice around the entire room. Alfred’s Catering once again provided guests with a delicious meal of beef tenderloin and creative Italian accompaniments, as well as his personal touch of inviting tables to be served. The Big Night Quintet played a wide assortment of jazz and blues for our dancing pleasure. Our very skilled auctioneer, Renee Jones, provided the beginning buzz of excitement with the introduction of a fun Heads or Tails game, followed by live auction items and paddles up bidding.  The Wine Pull and Pick a Star were sell outs once again, and the Lotto Basket and Money Mania were additions that offered our guests new and exciting experiences.

The achievements of this magnificent event would not have been possible without a team of ladies who worked tirelessly and never wavered in their commitment to the gala. Elyse Ernst, Auction Chair as well as Gala Co-Chair, provided tremendous support; Elyse spent countless hours and traveled literally hundreds of miles to procure donations from businesses locally and all around the Austin area, as well as insuring the quality of our live auction items and some fun Pick A Star items.   Gina Williams led the silent auction, and her time and creativity in compiling dozens of offerings made for a well organized and lovely presentation.  Patty Nixa led the Decorating Committee, with her team of Gala Gals spending long hours over many months creating the perfectly beautiful decorations that filled K Oaks.  Mindy Hensen once again pulled double duty on the Gala Committee, working with Alfred to arrange a beautiful meal, as well as coordinating the cashier process, during which Judy Devore worked her database magic. I cannot adequately describe the creativity of Anna Johndrow, who filled so many critical parts of the gala process, from designing the tickets and program, creating the slide show presentation for our auction items, and a myriad of other details.  Kay Schneider juggled the coordination of lighting and curtains to create the perfect ambiance.  Patti Johnson devoted her talent both at the Venetian themed photo area, as well as taking many other photos of the evening. 

Many others worked diligently on the committee:  Wine Pull, Rose Melican and Judy Guthrie; Ticket Sales, Melony Kempf and Sandra Schaffner; Publicity, Marilyn Hamblin; Wine Bar and wine glass sales, Janet Cason; Hostesses and Gondoliers, Jan Broxterman; and Elaine Hughes, who helped greatly in receiving donations at the Chamber of Commerce.   As club President, Trisha Upchurch provided leadership and constant support of the Gala, always on call and generously giving of her time.  I thank each one of you for contributing your time, your ideas and your incredible attention to every detail of the gala.  You are a remarkable group of women and I’m honored to have worked alongside you.
There are so many others who volunteered all along the way to help make the gala successful, from many of you who assisted the committee chairs in whatever they asked you to do, to those of you who volunteered your time on gala evening to help with an auction table, Heads/Tail, Lotto or Money Mania, to those who worked as a cashier, bartender, or jumped in as needed to help with last minute details.  The ladies who worked at K Oaks on Friday before gala day to help transform the room and to make sure everything looked perfect made the day so much fun.   Thank you to our Special Interest Groups, who generously participated in the “SIG Challenge” coin buckets and to our Executive Committee.  The money raised by these groups helped tremendously in our ability to make our silent auction, Pick a Star and other drawings successful.  So to each and every one of you, thank you for your support, your time, and your dedication to the success of the gala.

The evening was a whirlwind of fun and socializing, but the generous participation in the live and silent auctions, paddles up, the Wine Pull, Pick a Star, Heads/Tails, Lotto Basket and Money Mania stole the show!   The final amount raised is still being calculated, but we know that our goal of granting scholarships to local high school young women and awarding grants to local philanthropic organizations will once again be soundly achieved.  Thank you to those who attended, bid on auction items and participated in the other offerings, and to all of you who donated time, money and items for the gala.  

I marvel at what we as a club are able to accomplish.  Each of you should take great pride in your efforts, not only for the gala but throughout the year, toward the achievement of our goal of helping others in our community. 

Vicki Perrin


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