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Are you driven by an uncontrollable desire to create? To paint, re-purpose, decorate, add glitter to something mundane...if you are, the Artistic Divas is the place for you! Sign up at the luncheons and join in the fun with ladies who share your passion for the arts and crafts.

Mindy H. [email protected]

​​Get out out your binoculars and join Christine Snitkin, renowned nature photographer and member of the LVWC to search out and identify the myriad birds grace the North Shore. Members meet at a variety of locations for an hour of birding on the third Tuesday of every month, throughout the year. For more information, email Christine at [email protected]  

Bunco is a fast –paced dice game that’s easy and fun. Bring along $2 for the prize kitty. Goodies are also available. 

2nd and 4th Mondays (September – May) at 2pm. Bluebonnet Room, Activity Center.
 We are a group of Compassionate, Attentive, Reassuring, and Encouraging ladies ready to hear from you! CARE members are here to provide cheer and encouragement to all club members. Please let us know if you or a member you know is ill, in the hospital, facing an upcoming surgery, or going through a difficult time. We will make phone calls, home visits if desired, and provide a grocery help service for members that are ill or homebound. If you need a ride to the monthly luncheons let us know. We are here for you!

Christy O. 512-349-5492   EMail   [email protected] ​  512-456-8714  
Our chef is Becky Pfile. She is ready to turn on the stove and listen
for our ahs and sighs. She has a list of clever cooking ideas, some filled
with calories and some easier on the scales. Our new cooking skills
and clever ideas will give pleasure to us at the own dinner table.
The cost is only $20 and you will leave the table filled with mucho
calories and new ideas. Dates TBD and sign-ups will be at the monthly luncheon.
The gatherings will be held at Becky’ home. 
Lynn T.  254-541-5832               Kathy L.   512-2677083         Becky P. 832-797-4560
Christmas Elves This group of ladies will decorate and undeck the K-Oaks halls for the Christmas holidays. They will meet and work on decorations and discuss decorating ideas. Locations and times to be announced.

Donna N. 512-267-5947
Each month, a few of the participants plan a 4 course meal, pick up the ingredients, make copies of the recipes and verify that all of necessary pots, pans , etc. are available. The first Monday of the month the 16 participants break into 4 teams and prepare the meal. As with most Women's Club activities this is accompanied by comraderie and much laughter (and satisfied bellies)!  Warning! There is always a waiting list. Registrants pay a share of the costs of the meal. If the registrant is unable to attend, she must inform the coordinator by the Friday morning preceding the event; an attempt to find a substitute will be made. If no substitute is found, then the money will not be refunded.
Susan K.  [email protected]                            Donna W. 512-695-8300
Come enjoy this fun, friendly card game similar to Canasta. The second Wednesday of each month in the Johnson Room at K-Oaks Club House, 1-4pm
 Hi! Tech!-Tutoring on computer and smart phone use is now by appointment only. Call the library (512-267-3868) to make arrangements. Anna Johndrow is the instructor.
Play Bridge for fun and practice—if you are new to bridge or if you haven’t played in a long time—come and play while Mary Ann provides tips and guidance. 

Every Friday, 10:00 am to noon. Bluebonnet Room, Activity Center: American Drive at Boggy Ford. All Year!

Mary Ann C. 512-517-3231                                                           Jean D. 512-750-9470
What’s on your bucket list?????  You may find that the this group will be planning an event you won’t want to miss.  There will be concerts, courthouses, churches, museums, shows and curious antiques!    All sorts of fun activities are being planned, so watch for the LVWC Newsletter for the next event or listen for the announcement at the LVWC luncheon.  Add your two cents and, let’s go traveling whether it be by limo, Cap Metro Rail or car…  A great time awaits!!!! 
Ann M. 512-970-4400                                                                   Tami F.  512-577-7144   
Bring a snack to share, visit with friends, and listen to reviews of interesting books. You don’t need to have read the book before the meeting, but you might want to afterwards. 3rd Tuesday, 12:30 p.m., Bluebonnet Room, POA Activity Center. ​​

Meeting dates and reviewers are: 
Sept. 17, 2019: Peggy Gibson                 Jan. 15, 2020: Nancy Shive 
Oct. 15, 2019: Joyce Coleman                Feb. 18, 2020:  Sybil Arnold 
Nov. 19, 2019:  Anna Johndrow             Mar. 17, 2020: Bonnie Rupprecht
December: No Meeting                          Apr. 21, 2020: Linda McCullough
                                        May 19, 2020:  Jan Robbins

                                                  Linda R.   281-288-1384     

Once a month we plan to go to a movie and have lunch. Come join us and get to know some of your fellow members. Sign up once and you will receive the information every month, about a week prior to the outing, with all the details of what, when and where. Usually the 4th Tuesday of the month but may vary due to Holidays. 


MAH JONGG is a table game played using the National Mah Jongg League rules.  It is a very fun game of luck and skill.  We welcome all players, experienced or brand new to the game, so please come to Tutta Italiana Coffee Shop the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays, monthly from 1:00-4:00 (year round). 

Merilea P.   817-458-2312 Email
About 30 minutes prior to the monthly luncheon a group of spirited ladies retire to the Johnson Room, rehearse a song with which to regale the congregated members and under the direction of Nancy Moore raise their voices in delightful music designed to officially start our luncheon. It's a no stress, relaxing way to stretch the vocal chords. If you would like to participate call Ann M. or find her at table 11 and let her know that you want to participate.

Ann M. 512-970-4400
OUT AND ABOUT GROUP:  This SIG is committed to getting LVWC members together and out of Lago Vista, familiarizing them with our Central Texas area and each other outside of the formal luncheon environment.  Our outings are typically day trips that are within 2 hours car travel from Lago Vista, during the week, and during the day. We always have lunch out somewhere near our destination.   Most of our trips are “pay as you go,” but if there is an admission fee or a deposit required, you may be asked to pay when you sign up.  When you sign up, you are committing to the date, and you are taking one of the 20 available slots for that trip. The outing dates and plans will be announced at the LVWC luncheon as they are planned.  So, mark your calendars and please let your group leader know if your situation changes and will be unable to make the outing. 

 Dee B. 218-732-5218
Party Bridge is for those who like to play bridge for fun! Prizes are awarded each session. $2 per session on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays of each month! 
1:00 pm. Bluebonnet Room, Activity Center​.

Irene S. and Anna J. scout out interesting topics that challenge the mind and those things we commonly take for granted. After watching a segment of this acclaimed series we discuss our own interpretation, reaction and insight on the information shared. It makes for a delightful and uplifting two hours. Sign up and receive email announcements. Library posts subjects as well, and it will appear in the Newsletter.

At the Lago Vista Public Library, 3rd Tuesday of the month, 12pm-1:50pm
WINE TASTING AROUND the WORLD is a chance to explore the flavors of food and wine from different regions around the world, from right here in Lago Vista! We choose a different region each month, taste wine made from the area, and bring homemade tapas-style appetizers made from the flavors of the region. Members sign up in advance, pay $10 to coordinators for the wine purchase, and bring their dish to the designated hostess's home on the 3rd Monday of each month. Leftover funds get donated to the philanthropic fund at the end of the year! Reservations and payment must be made in advance. 

Ellie S.   EMail    ​  Sheri R.   281-782-7817